Model 680 - Sun Distributor Tester - $2200.00


Serial #846. In 15 years of working on testers I had never come across an all red tester which they only did for a short time with the 600 & 680. Looks like they only did it for one year - 1959. Very nice original condition with just a few minor blemishes. RPM/dwell & vacuum meters. 0-4000 RPM. Mechanical vacuum pump. Has a working scroll with distributor specs. The 680 is a two-meter tester with a unique dual RPM/dwell meter on the left & vacuum meter on the right. This tester has been upgraded with my battery replacement circuit board. No more meter fade or leaky batteries. Cabinet is not included, but can be purchased separately.



Two 504’s - Both will be repainted & screen-printed with new 1/2 HP motors and new LED flashtube kits.